Art Studies

First formal study was Oil Painting and Ceramics at San Francisco City College
Painting at McGill University Montreal
Life Drawing and painting at Sir George Williams University Montreal
Life Drawing in Falmouth with Ray Atkins
Three September painting “projects” with Ray Atkins and Hsiao-Hwa Li at Ray’s studio in Aspet in the Pyrenees in France.
First exhibited at The Falmouth Art Gallery – “On the Edge” selected by
the late Brian Stewart
Showed “Mylor Harbour Against the Light” in the Summer exhibition at
Falmouth Royal Polytechnic Society. This picture was chosen by the Poly
as one of five designs selected for it’s membership cards.

Photographs of work featured in Parnassus magazine (Art and Literature
Special Interest Group of British MENSA) editions #89, #94, #95 .
Paintings held in private collections in USA, Canada, Australia,
Netherlands, France and UK.

Radio interview with Radio Penwith

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Bill Brandson is a member of Falmouth Royal Polytechnic Society and Falmouth Fine Arts Club.